Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Published: 03rd September 2010
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Having a fairy party is a very special way of celebrating a little girl’s birthday. Nowadays, the most popular fairy of all is Tinker Bell. Luckily, these days there are several places that sell fairy decorations and if you decide on using Tinker Bell you'll have a huge amount of choices when planning your party.

The first thing you will have to think about is invitations.

I suggest searching the internet for a nice fairy invitation template or image. Make the text for the invitation in story book form. It could say something like: Once upon a time there was a very special little fairy girl. She lives in a far away land called Pixie Hollow, where all the fairies roam. This little fairy is having a birthday party, and it’s being thrown by Queen Clarion herself! Come join in the festivities on (Date) to celebrate (Name) with us. All you need to get here is faith, trust, and pixie dust. Another great idea is to have the invitation wrapped around a fairy wand. everyone will love receiving the wand.

Decorations make the party, so plan these well.

Use tulle and glitter to make canopies of fluffiness, and light up the room using yellow, white, and pink Christmas lights. A life size mural of the fairies from Pixie Hollow could cover one wall. Place some small wings and tissue paper flowers around the party. Utilize yellows, greens, pinks, and blues as your colors. Set up rainbows made from streamers and cardboard trees that have little sign posts indicating whose tree house it is. Remember, for a pixie party, glitter is your best friend.Choose cups, plates and table settings that match the other decorations. Make sure that the cake matches as well. A nice cake for a party like this is a Tinker Bell cake made using a custom cake pan. Frost it to look like her.

Plan fairy inspired games.

Some ideas are pin the wings on the fairy, musical chairs, or a treasure hunt. If you choose to do a treasure hunt, base it on the one found in "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure".

The arrival of your guests should be as entertaining as the rest of your party. When they walk in the door give them a sprinkling of pixie dust (glitter) that will take them into Neverland. A little further in, before entering into Pixie Hollow transform all the little girls into fairies. Hire a professional to paint their faces to look like fairies and dress them up. If your budget doesn’t allow for a full costume, a pair of wings is nice.

Prepare fairy inspired food.

Finger sandwiches cut with cookie cutters to look like wings, cupcakes decorated with glitter sugar, fruit kabobs, etc. are quick and easy food choices, and for beverages sparkling fruit punch is the way to go. Plan food according to what your guests will like.

Cheer everyone up with fairy inspired favors.

At the sad moment when ‘time to go home’ comes around, cheer the kids up with their very own fairy kit that can get them back to Neverland whenever they want to come. Wings, pixie dust (a small pouch of glitter), treasure (chocolate gold coins), and Tinker Bell headbands.

Let yourself be whisked away with this theme and you'll have a lot of fun planning this party.

Ginger Myers is a writer for Embracing Home which is a site where you can find child's dalmatian costume ideas and also

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